COVID-19 working from home

COVID-19: Working from home headspace

May 1, 2020 | By Caroline Robertson, Vitil People Solutions

As more and more of us are now working from our Perth homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to be in the right headspace to be successful and to produce quality work.

In comparison to the office – where there is structure and order – our home environment is quite different, with contrasting distractions, one of these currently being other family members.

While all of us here at Vitil are used to working from home, it is not a regular occurrence for others every day, which has meant that we have also had to adapt to a new normal.

Because we are all going through the same learning experience, we thought we would share our tips on what has been working for us that you can adopt, adapt and share with your team and managers alike.

  • Where possible, make sure your workspace is light and bright with plenty of ventilation
  • Get up at the same time as if you were going to work
  • Follow your same routine. So, if you exercise still do so. Of course, you might have to adapt your exercise routine to do this at home but that encourages your creative side. Follow with the rest of your morning routine in preparation to start work
  • Dress to impress. Put a work top on and if it makes you feel better, do your hair and make-up. Self-care and self-image play a big part in our confidence levels and even though we are not going to the office, we still need to be in the right headspace and frame of mind. You may be jumping on Zoom calls, so it is important to be presentable for these. How we show up firstly for ourselves and secondly for others, speaks volumes about our mindset, which will naturally flow through to our work
  • Start work at your normal time
  • Work through your ‘to do list’ that you set yourself the day before
  • Set yourself achievable goals or milestones for the day. Review these to ensure you are on track to achieve these
  • Take regular breaks and have lunch. Make it healthy and light to reduce the after-lunch food coma
  • Set telephone and / or video conferencing for the afternoon when motivation levels may be lacking or reducing. Contact with others will put a spring back in your step and your mood
  • Write tomorrow’s ‘to do list’
  • Accept that not everything will go to plan

The more structured and organised your day is, the more successful it is likely to be.

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