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January 15, 2016 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

At Vitil Human Resources, we are always considering ways for our clients to become an Employer of Choice and attract high quality recruitment candidates.

An Employer of Choice is an organisation recognised for treating its employees exceptionally well, creating opportunities and instituting work/life policies and services on an organisation-wide basis to create an enjoyable and fulfilling employment experience.

It has been well documented that Perth employers that have innovative HR services and programs, build workforce capability and commitment. They outperform their competitors in their HR recruitment, retention and development of human resources.

Perth businesses today therefore need to consider how they can stand out from the competition in attracting and recruiting key talent to their workplace. We highly recommend that to become an 'employer of choice' management need to document their plans with this goal in mind.

Some strategies we have come across that have been included in a plan both locally and internationally, include an IVF policy, providing childcare vouchers, an active reward and recognition programme which complements the support provided to employees, flexible working hours, career development and training opportunities. These type of HR strategies are being adopted by a wide range of organisations and implemented as part of core strategic planning priorities to affect performance.

So how do you go about achieving 'employer of choice' status?

Pay attention to what employees really want

A recent survey found that employees rate their job satisfaction on the following factors:

  • Having a good manager
  • Working on challenging projects
  • Being rewarded and recognised for their work
  • Learning and growing on the leading edge of technology, products, and ideas
  • Collaborative HR communication
  • Having a degree of control
  • Autonomy in their day and types of projects, dress etc
  • Salary

Create a corporate culture that isn't 100% corporate

Customers and clients should feel comfortable that they are being cared for, but let employees set the organisation's culture. Taking this initiative is best done from within, developed and managed by those who know the company resources best.

Encourage collaboration

Silos are out! Sharing information and involvement across the organisation. Knowledge is power. Employees can and will outperform if they are empowered.

Clear paths for getting the work done

Removing obstacles and bureaucracy reduces frustration, which leads the way for employees to be more productive and career progressive. Hire according to company values. Match the employee to your particular culture. Finding employees with the right 'cultural fit', personality and attitudes is just as important as skills. It's the whole package that must be assessed, which is an essential factor in retaining them over the long term.

Address the reasons why top employees leave

  • Lack of opportunity with the company
  • Dissatisfaction with work conditions
  • Non-competitive pay and benefits
  • Lack of confidence in management or lack of empowerment to successfully perform job tasks

Foster innovation and new ideas to create a work/life balance environment

Offer flexible hours, telecommuting, compressed working weeks, job sharing, job rotation, pets at work, reward and recognition programs, workplace massages, paid tuition, days off, casual Fridays etc.

Employer of choice strategies are by no means a quick fix. They require long term planning and commitment to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through the people they recruit.

There is no doubt that organisations need to work harder at becoming "employers of choice" and one of the most important things employers can do for the recruitment of key employees in Perth, is to make themselves attractive as an organisation, to potential highly talented employees.

The brand, the performance of the organisation, the successful harmonious executives who run the organisation and the management style they apply, are all vitally important.

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