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Combating the Great Resignation with Culture and Connection

March 29, 2022 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil People Solutions

For the last two years Perth has escaped the madness of Covid, however business owners have had to learn to be more flexible with their team and enable workers to do their jobs with more autonomy and in new ways, normalising working from home.

However, with the low resources pool, Perth businesses have suffered with the resignation of team members to other roles, where poaching has been commonplace, and the increasing salaries has been turning heads. The challenge now faced by Perth business owners in 2022 is how do we keep our best team from leaving?

Why is our team leaving?

Research has shown that a toxic culture is the number one reason for team members to leave a business and is driving the great resignation. People are leaving leaders or managers where they have a poor relationship due to:

  • Unethical behaviour
  • A disrespectful workplace
  • Abusive managers
  • Non inclusive environment
  • Not adhering to Covid safety

Another reason people are leaving is the constant change for change’s sake, and the pressure to achieve unachievable targets which in turn creates pressure and stress.

What is Connection?

To create a genuine connection in the workplace requires effort. Connection is more than a face on a computer screen. Its more than dozens of virtual meetings or exchanges on Slack or in a WhatsApp group.

Before working from home became a necessity, we had built trust with our team. Trust, culture and connection is what happens between the meeting. It is the lunchroom chat, the check in at the water cooler on the weekend, the hallway catch up where you got to share life stories, celebrations, disappointments.

Connection is where we build genuine trust, and it is those in between interactions that builds trust and that is the fabric that holds us together.

How do we create a culture of retention?

Retention starts with Culture, builds into values, which starts to form your Employee Value Proposition.

Can you articulate your business culture in one or two sentences? What is your company’s personality? This includes your values, ethics, beliefs; the atmosphere, the vibe which originates from its leaders.

Google is famous for its main office complex, which is basically a playground for adults. With nap pods, massage rooms, and free gourmet meals, it’s a place most people only dream of working at. Space, colour, amenities, music. If you can’t describe it, write down what you want to achieve. Build the culture you want. It doesn’t need to cost money. It is the way you do things.

Google’s successful culture has always been about employing ecstatic employees, engaged team members, and keeping it fun.

Disney creates a culture with a sense of belonging, devotion, and employees who want to exceed customer expectations.

If you can’t describe your culture, it is time to create an aspirational culture.

How do values fit into your business?

Values drive those system, symbols and behaviours that naturally occur in your business. They are the compass that drive decisions. Values dictate how we do things around here. Do you know your values?

Knowing our Values serves to hold us accountable for our behaviours and guide decision making.

Remember our human capital don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it ... we want people whose why aligns with our why, only then we will build a strong core culture that will make believers. Our values drive the core of our business and we need to encourage our people to live into our values.

Once you have a team that believe in your culture, values and you have a genuine connection with them, that will enable you to retain your team. Remember workplaces can provide employees with some things that money can’t buy and the team nowadays are looking for purpose, empowerment and belonging.

People leave leaders ... so be the leader people won’t leave! And create an environment that engages your team.

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