Employee Value Proposition

Combating the Great Resignation with Employee Value Proposition

April 26, 2022 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil People Solutions

What is EVP?

You may have heard of EVP but what is it really?

Employee Value Proposition is an ecosystem of support, recognition, and values that an employer provides to employees to achieve their highest potential at work.

An EVP is created by defining the essence of your organisation. It encompasses the central reasons people are proud to work for an organisation. It is the unique value you offer ... it is when my purpose aligns with your purpose ... it is our collective WHY...

If you can’t define your collective WHY, you will struggle to engage and retain your people.

EVP comes from team members living and breathing our values.

What are your values?

Values drive those system, symbols and behaviours that naturally occur in your business. They are the compass that drive decisions. Values dictate how we do things around here. Knowing our Values serves to hold us accountable for our behaviours and guide decision making.

It is those unspoken behaviours that happen daily, that affirms your company culture that you as leaders have worked so hard to build.

If you don’t have values, then create aspirational values that represent how you want your business to run. Think of the top 4 values that best describe you. Then I test them with your team.

Creating your EVP

When you look at your EVP you are going to consider what makes your business attractive and ask yourself these questions:

  • What differentiates you from the rest?
  • What would your team say is the best reason to work for you?
  • Why do your team stay?
  • How do your team know they are valued?
  • What can you offer as a small Perth based business that no one else has?

With the market so tight and unemployment so low, we have to be dynamic and create an environment that engages with and understands what is important to our team.

Remember people and culture is not a department it is the heart of the organisation.

We therefore need to focus on connection – Belonging, Wellbeing and Inclusion – meeting our team where their needs are.

Be intentional in your culture.

Be an irresistible organisation.

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