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You're hired – now what?

July 28, 2016 | By Christine Howitz, Vitil

The importance of effective employee inductions

Recruiting the best talent for your business is never easy, so it's vital that once you've made the right hire you ensure that your new employee settles in quickly, gets to know the team, their jobs, the company and their work environment, and gets up to speed with their role. The induction is vital to making this happen and can help establish a successful employer-employee relationship.

If you haven't run induction programmes before then why not seek help from our employment agency? Vitil Recruitment Services can offer much more than just helping you to make the right candidate decision.

Effective Inductions

As roles can vary significantly within any business in Australia, a one-size-fits-all induction programme would not be effective. There will be standard elements to each induction but it is better if they are tailored to the individual needs of each employee to help them settle into their job. Inductions need to be timely, relevant and purposeful. Ideally, the induction process should be delivered with the employee's manager and should help them integrate with the team, not distract them from that vital settling in period. Exceptions will occur when a specific programme of training is required before the employee can start their role, in which case do this first before starting the team integration and the rest of the induction process.

Standard Elements for Inductions

Individually tailored inductions will share some common elements, that would typically cover:

  • An overview of the company and a detailed explanation of the organisational structure
  • Housekeeping essentials such as the locations of fire exits and ground rules
  • A review of the contract, terms and conditions of employment, and any special benefits
  • A review of the labour or duties that make up their role
  • Policies and procedures such as health and safety and how to report absences.

What to Avoid

Avoid any unnecessary overload of information not relevant to the employee's role. There is only so much they can take in and the induction needs to remain relevant or it will be seen as just a waste of time, which does not set the right tone for how you run your Perth business.

The Benefits of an Induction Programme

A good induction programme will create a positive picture of your organisation which will help motivate the new employee. Good inductions have been shown to increase staff retention because they offer a stronger sense of commitment. They also ensure that a new employee becomes productive more quickly. Effective inductions will establish good communication between employer and employee, which is vital to maintain a happy and motivated workforce.

Getting this critical stage wrong can be costly, time consuming and may even land you in a prickly situation.

Vitil Recruitment Services

At Vitil Recruitment Services, we appreciate that a client can be 'time poor', which so we like to partner with our clients to assist them with not only their recruitment needs, but also human resource management.

Vitil's Human Resource Recruitment Consultants are a Perth based boutique HR recruiting specialist consulting firm, who offer flexible, reliable and affordable outsourced human resource support and recruiting services. Your requirements and your business needs are our key focus. By outsourcing HR to an expert in Human Resource Services, our experienced professionals can objectively assess your environment, your human capital needs, and ensure you lead and manage your team to enhance your businesses performance.

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