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The challenge in having difficult conversations, is having them!

September 13, 2016 | By Scott Stevens, Vitil

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You have a recruitment problem in your workplace, it might be a personality clash between employees or a performance issue. No matter how small the issue it can consume time, energy and resources to address, that is if you or your managers have the appetite to address it.

These conversations have to be had, but cannot happen without planning and structure, to ensure you do not exacerbate the recruitment issue but achieve the outcome you desire. Having difficult conversations is a skill and like any other skill you need to practice to improve.

Much of our time providing Vitil human resource services support is spent coaching managers to have difficult conversations to ensure a timely and proactive approach to resolve workplace issues is taken.

Some of the key considerations for difficult conversations (recruitment) are:

  • Timing - ensure you have the conversation as soon as possible after the event of issue is raised. However, there are times it may be better to wait a day or so to gather information, plan the conversation and let emotions settle
  • Content – deal in facts. What was the situation, what was the behaviour or action that you want to address and what was the impact of that behaviour in a colleague or the business?
  • Location – think about where the conversation is going to take place to ensure privacy. This may not be in your office or may not be on site
  • Language and tone – conduct your conversation professionally and do not let emotions influence what you are saying and how you are saying it. This is where preparation and planning can assist in identifying the specific issue you are addressing, what you will say and also planning for how the other party will react
  • Listen – be prepared to listen to any points or information contributed by the other party during the conversation
  • Action plan – make sure you clearly articulate where to following the conversation. What improvements in behaviour of work performance you expect, when you expect it by and what will happen if there is no improvement.

It is important to document all conversations, even an email summary of the key points so that you can reference this if there is not an improvement. If addressing more serious issues it is important to ensure a support person is offered to the other party and may be worth having another person in the room to observe the conversation.

Problems in the workplace can be addressed, you just need to do it.

Vitil HR consultants are skilled and experienced in coaching managers through difficult conversations, assisting managers in conducting these conversations and, when necessary, holding these conversations to address problems and improve workplace performance.

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Vitil's Perth Consultants are HR professionals who are skilled and experienced in coaching Perth business owners and managers through difficult conversations, recruitment and assisting managers in conducting these conversations and, when necessary, holding these conversations to address problems and improve workplace performance. We who offer flexible, reliable and affordable outsourced human resource support services, where your team is the key focus. By outsourcing HR to an expert in HR, our experienced professionals can objectively assess your environment and your human capital needs, to further develop your businesses performance.

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