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How Do Melbourne Businesses Recruit In The Current Market?

April 27, 2016 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

Melbourne Recruitment Agency

Trying to find the right candidate in today's market can be challenging. With so many applicants looking for jobs in Melbourne, matching the required skills with the necessary experience and ensuring the right culture fit, can be difficult and time consuming for any Melbourne business.

So how do I make my recruitment process easier?

Recruiting the right candidate is critical to every business in Melbourne and is rarely easy, but our recruitment agency can help you narrow down your recruitment search, define your criteria and streamline your hiring process so that you are not inundated with hundreds of resumes to review.

Vitil Human Resource Management are recruitment specialists and work with SMEs in Melbourne to support their recruitment process. This means we can assist you to consider the vacant roles scope of responsibilities and the ideal skill set required to fulfil the role whether it is a part time or permanent position. Then the candidate's essential experience and qualifications need to documented plus their key attributes for the best cultural fit. From these a recruitment advert can be devised.

Key points in a recruitment advertisement

When writing a job recruitment ad, remember that if it is too short and broad, there is more scope for interpretation, therefore an increased volume of applications may be received. However, ensuring we are clear about your expectations and set out what the minimum job requirements for the role are to even be considered, will ensure quality applications are received.

What recruitment mediums should be used?

There are many and varied forms of advertising for vacancies, and each medium will depend on the role being advertised and consideration must be given to where the target audience frequent. For many applicants in Melbourne, and may be younger ones, Instagram, Twitter, facebook and Snapchat are very popular.

For the more traditional forums, Seek, LinkedIn and company websites are a good source of applicants. However, in our experience word-of-mouth, employee or other business partner referrals are excellent sources of gaining good recruitment candidates. In addition, job boards, head hunting and the newspaper can also produce good results.

Shortlisting applications

At Vitil Recruitment Agency we can undertake this role for you if you are time poor. Vitil critically assess all applications against the set criteria and key competencies, and can quickly present a shortlist. This job can take the uninitiated many hours, but will take our team of professionals, far less.

This potentially lengthy recruitment process can be very time consuming, however once this is undertaken and a phone interview performed, clients can then elect to conduct their own interviews. This flexibility in the recruitment process, ensures a client's expectations are met should there be budget constraints.

However, most clients prefer Vitil to shortlist the candidates and conduct the first round of interviews, to further shortlist candidates. Whether it is Vitil or the designated business manager, the next phase is to undertake face to face interviews ensuring the questions are appropriate to the scope of the role and there is a motivational and cultural fit. The type and style of questions are therefore vitally important.

At Vitil HR we use targeted selection interview questions. These are purposeful questions aimed at evaluating the candidates attributes and suitability for the role and the company.

What do you do once you have a shortlist?

It is always wise to ensure at least two people meet the shortlisted applicants, to give a second opinion. Bringing candidates back for a second interview is therefore recommended, to see if they perform the same with the second person, which also provides them the opportunity to ask further questions.

It is also imperative that reference checks are undertaken, as well as verification of qualifications. We would also recommend Melbourne businesses consider performing a psychometric assessment.

Once all these activities have been completed, the strongest candidate will be evident and an offer can be made.

If you would like support in your recruitment services process, Vitil HR Melbourne can help. Our Human Resource Consultants partner with many SMEs to develop their strategic human resource plans and manage their recruitment needs to ensure a dynamic, energized environment.

Vitil's Human Resource Consultants are a boutique HR consulting firm based across Melbourne, who offer flexible, reliable and affordable outsourced human resource support and recruitment services, where your team is the key focus. By outsourcing HR to an expert in Human Resource Services, our experienced professionals can objectively assess your environment, your human capital needs, and ensure you recruit to further develop your businesses performance.

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