High Performance Work Systems

How do you create High Performance Work Systems?

November 2, 2016 | By Heidi Rawson, Vitil

Human Resources Melbourne

What is High Performance Work Systems?

High Performance Work Systems are a set of management practices that attempt to create an environment within an organisation where the employee has greater involvement in decision making and responsibility.

High-performance work systems are a group of separate but interconnected human resource service practices. For example these can include recruitment and selection, training, performance appraisals and compensation practices, which are designed to enhance employee effectiveness. As a result, Melbourne employees should have better skills, more motivation and more opportunities to excel when these high-performance human resource practices are aligned and working in harmony.

At Vitil human resource services, we believe that by investing in recruitment and selection, training, information sharing, compensation and performance management processes, this will have a positive effect on employee attitudes and behaviours, and may pay further dividends with higher service quality and performance. This highlights the importance of not just managing based upon results but also paying attention to the role that attitudes and behaviours play in creating better results.

This is based on AMO theory – Abilities, Motivation, Opportunities to perform:


  • Recruitment is focussed on creating a diverse workforce. Involving employees in the recruitment process or through job previews, they can have influence and involvement in hiring decisions
  • Employees are encouraged to make personal development plans
  • Career planning is facilitated through performance reviews
  • Wellbeing is a priority including health checks, support to exercise at work ie provision to ride to work


  • Continuous dialogue between employees and manager
  • Information about internal promotion provided and a transparent process followed
  • Job rotation
  • Flexible working hours


  • Employees are given the opportunity to perform the skills they have acquired through training

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