HR conflict management

How Do You Manage HR Conflict In Melbourne Businesses Today?

April 29, 2016 | By Caroline Robertson, Vitil

Q. What can arise at any time, is a normal part of every day life and doesn't discriminate between the office or the home, gender or age?

A. Conflict.

HR Conflict Management

HR Conflict Management is a normal part of everyday life and not something to be avoided however the mere thought of the word and how to deal with this conjures up feelings of fear within the most confident and experienced of managers. Left unresolved, conflict can cause a number of issues including a loss of productivity due to a lack of decision making and a reduction in creativity and problem-solving abilities due to a lack of team cohesiveness. Valued human resources may also resign due to a lack of conflict resolution.

Conflict Within The Business Team

Conflict Management within a team can be challenging for SMEs in Melbourne however, if managers are equipped with the right tools and techniques and use these appropriately, the process can run smoothly with the desired outcome achieved. If conflict is viewed positively, it is more likely to be managed positively.

Conflict is natural and forces an approach for alternative solutions. Conflict Management can be used to improve team productivity and foster positive relationships however, this doesn't mean preventing or avoiding all conflict. Conflict, if managed correctly, can lead to increased team creativity and better decision making.

Conflict can arise for any number of reasons from a dispute about a work policy or procedure, the lack of or sharing of human resources, priorities, schedules, attitudes, business services, personalities and just general differences of opinion. As the manager of a Melbourne team, it is important to establish HR ground rules for team behaviour. Doing so defines the standards of behaviour expected, promotes a shared responsibility, decreases misunderstandings and increases productivity.

When Conflict Management arises it is important to remember the objective or purpose of the team and not to lose sight of this when trying to resolve human resource issue. All individuals think their idea or solution is the best however It is important for team members not to let their ego get in the way of getting the right result.

HR And Conflict Management

HR Conflict Management can be managed through a number of different HR service techniques, including:

  • Group facilitation services
  • Forcing or competing
  • Smoothing or accommodating
  • Compromising
  • Collaborating or problem-solving

The best HR technique to use will depend on the situation. Of course a situation may be more sensitive, which will require a manager to meet with team members individually before making a decision on the way forward.

Conflict is normal and Conflict Management is a natural process in Melbourne businesses today, which, in a culture of openness, transparency and honesty, will be embraced. Openness resolves conflict. It is important to focus on the present and the issues. Doing so is more likely to ensure success betwen your human resources and the business.

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