How Human Resources Benefit Melbourne Businesses

How Does Human Resources Benefit Melbourne Businesses Today?

March 28, 2016 | By Caroline Robertson, Vitil

Based on a case study...

Once upon a time, there was a small Melbourne company, which had been running for 25 years on the grit, drive, experience and determination of the owners, who quite happily admit that they got by, but probably didn't do everything right in terms of people management and support services. After consulting with other businesses in their industry and gaining an understanding of How Human Resources Benefits Businesses, they decided to seek the help of a people resources professional.

Following a meeting between the Melbourne based owners and the HR consultant, they began to understand the issues they faced with growing, successful businesses. Working together, the owners and HR services consultant developed a scope of work based on both the company's strategic goals and objectives, the operational needs and began to explore how their employees could impact their success.

This is How Human Resources Benefits Businesses

One of the strategic outcomes was that the owners had to start working on the business and not in it. In order to do this, it was agreed that a General Manager was required who possessed strong business management skills, understood financial services management and had a proven track record in people development and experience in taking companies to the next level of growth. The HR Consultant working with the owners, led and managed the end to end recruitment process.

This is How Human Resources Benefits Businesses

The company had an existing employment and services agreement however this needed updating and bringing into line with current legislation. There was also the absence of best practice in HR policies and service support procedures, which potentially could have led to situations being managed inconsistently, unfairly and outside of legislation. Therefore, a new employment agreement and a suite of HR policies, procedures and support services were drafted in consultation with the owners, and signed off by each team member.

This is How HR Benefits Businesses

Position Descriptions were produced, specifying the overall purpose of the job role, the key result areas and the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each result position, which was fed from the strategic plan. The KPIs were written as SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed) objectives in order to ensure employees had a clear understanding of what they had to achieve.

This is How Human Resources Benefits Businesses

A performance management system was also introduced, which commenced when the new employee began their employment. It involved undertaking performance reviews whilst on probation and two further performance reviews annually. This allowed an opportunity for both parties to give and receive feedback. The employee carried out a self-assessment of their strengths, areas for development and expectations and objectives for the coming period. The annual performance reviews included the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the employee's job role as well as the needs of the business. This ensured that the KPIs were integrated and aligned with the company's overall goals and objectives for the year.

This is How Human Resources Benefits Businesses

The story doesn't end here. Human resources, people development, engaging a team, is an ever evolving and dynamic environment, and as businesses grow, transformation must follow. This is a small example of How Human Resources Benefits Businesses and explains what can be achieved when we appreciate the value of working together with talented people and leveraging each other's strengths.

Vitil Human Resource Consulting Services, is a Melbourne based boutique HR consulting specialist. We partner with many SMEs to develop their strategic human resources plans and build long term team cohesiveness. Vitil HR Services offers flexible, reliable and affordable outsourced human resource support, to help Melbourne businesses owners engage with their teams.

Vitil's company services is built on flexibility with performance our key focus. We work with your team in your organisation, to manage your people services and needs. By outsourcing HR to an expert, our experienced professionals can objectively assess your environment, your human capital, your culture and assist you in developing your company performance with the right people for your organisation.

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