How is your Cultural Intelligence?

How is your Cultural Intelligence?

August 8, 2018 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

Today I attended a workshop with other leaders from small and large businesses across Perth, on Cultural Intelligence and I thought I would share my experiences and give a summary on CQ and how it can impact you and your business.

Firstly, what is Cultural Intelligence?

Well IQ assesses human intelligence. EQ refers to Emotional Intelligence and is the ability to recognise, evaluate and regulate your own emotions to the emotions of those around you.

CQ or Cultural Intelligence, is the ability to function effectively in culturally diverse settings and the capability to relate and work across cultures.

So what?! I hear you ask.

Well having a good culturally diverse environment and workplace will ensure you and your team are open to working with different people with a varied multicultural background. You will acquire a different perspective, knowledge and skills that in today's world, is invaluable to be able to appeal to a broader customer base.

But cultural diversity is not just about ethnicity or gender, it is also about diversity of thought. When you surround yourself with people, employees, friends, Perth business leaders who think differently to you, who have ideas, opinions, different thoughts and are not afraid to share them, you open yourself to different views, attitudes, outlooks, new ideas and broaden your scope and thinking.

Although surrounding yourself with 'mini me's' is nice and you'll get a lot of confirmation that you are right, and your ideas and solutions are of course excellent, but 'mini me's' will not create conversation, debate, new thinking, change or business evolution.

One model for Cultural Intelligence shows that CQ is made up of four quadrants:

CQ Drive your willingness to work with diverse others involving your ability to overcome explicit and unconscious bias. Being able to persist in interactions that are challenging.

CQ Knowledge is your understanding about how cultures are different and similar. Its about appreciating the similarities and differences in thoughts and behaviours, as you interact with one another.

CQ Strategy your awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions. It refers to your higher-level thinking skills that use this information to manage diversity and respond to cultural differences.

Action your ability to adapt when relating and working in multicultural contexts. Being able to flex your verbal and non-verbal behaviour and put your skills into action.

Can I measure my CQ?

Yes you can! There are many sites that can assist but today I heard from Tanya Finnic from Redhead Communications, and she is one of 312 people in the world, who can measure your CQ, at a self-evaluation level as well as at a 360 in-depth peer review level.

CQ is a skill that can be learned. And once you understand your level, you, your business leaders and your team in Perth, can proactively work on improving CQ skills, with the results including:

  • Enhanced job performance
  • Improved innovation
  • Effective cross-cultural adaptability
  • Increased profitability
Tips to developing your cultural intelligence
  • Be open minded and never make assumptions
  • Raise your self-awareness
  • Understand how your own culture influences your thinking
  • Develop and broaden your cultural knowledge
  • Proactively adapt your behaviour
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