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How can you impact your team's happiness at work?

May 2, 2018 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

What makes you unhappy at work?

At Vitil Human Resource Services, Perth's boutique HR specialist, we have been considering the work environment and how to engender greater engagement at work. The Gallup Worldwide Employee Engagement survey says 'results have barely budged in well over a decade' with worldwide engagement at 13%, leaving 63% disengaged and 24% actively disengaged.

It is good to know though that the Australian workplace has the best of all the results with 24% engaged, however that is still a low number. But how do we encourage more active engagement and ultimately, happiness?

In a recent workshop by Corporate Rebels I learned about what some of the most successful businesses across the world do to engage their workforce, so let me share a couple of current trends with Perth's business community.


It is essential for Perth's SMEs to articulate their businesses purpose, what you stand for, what you believe in, and translate that purpose to all your departments, teams and individuals. Then once you have identified that purpose, you need to put measures in place to see if you are achieving your purpose and continually make it visible to the team. Business owners, leaders and managers must then walk the talk. Display that belief in all you do and how you do it.


To build a happy team consider letting the team define their own way of working, setting their own goals and results, and give them a stake in the outcome. This will build responsibility and accountability, and even some healthy competition.


Encourage innovation in your teams by giving your team the time and space to experiment. This is a great way to show your teams you value their input and ideas, and then act on it, even celebrate the ideas that don't work.

Engagement Survey

These act as a great barometer, to see how you are travelling with your team member on the engagement scale, but measuring engagement isn't enough. Perth business owners need to ensure they see an engagement survey as a program that is ongoing and a method for continuous improvement.

Surveys are there so that you can honestly hear from your team and understand their feelings about your business and the environment. Acting on feedback is therefore essential when change is required.

Remember you and your leaders have the biggest impact on your business or your workplace culture and environment. A good culture is built on trust, ownership and accountability, with senior management leading by example.

Vitil Outsourced HR Services

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Ref: Gallup Worldwide Employee Engagement survey

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