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Quality and Affordable Recruitment Services Perth

July 17, 2015 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

How can I make recruitment easy? Recruitment is rarely easy. Trying to hire the right candidate with the right level of skills and experience can be difficult. In the current labour rich Perth market where there is a multitude of people looking for employment due to the drop off in jobs in the mining sector, searching for the right staff member in Perth can be near on impossible.

When you do advertise do you find yourself inundated with employment resumes? Over 100 resumes to review before you find one good one!?

How do you narrow down your recruitment search? This is where your local Perth based boutique human resource specialist, Vitil HR, can offer their labour hire services to help you with your staff search. We will work with you to understand the role you want to fill, the ideal skill set, experience and qualifications required. Then we will discuss the ideal attributes your candidate will have and with these ideals in mind, will draft a creative recruitment advertisement.

Our Perth service team will make sure your recruitment advert has enough detail about the role and its expectations and responsibilities to ensure the right personnel apply. Some adverts can be too short and lacking in detail, which means it is too broad and then a deluge of resumes will ensue.

Depending on the position will depend on the employment advertising medium we recommend. There are many to choose from, but the most popular include social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, word of mouth, referrals, head hunting, job boards, internal websites and the newspaper.

Vitil HR Perth services include critically reviewing applications against the job role requirements and will quickly put together a recruitment personnel shortlist. A job that can take the uninitiated many hours, will take Vitil HR recruitment professionals a lot less.

Many clients are pleased to be able to hand over this lengthy recruitment task to Vitil HR services and from here, some clients elect to conduct their own interviews. However the majority request we further screen candidates to narrow down the hire search. At this point we will conduct further screening to ascertain their motivational fit with the company before shortlisting for their first interview.

Perth's Vitil HR offers Quality and Affordable Labour HR Services in Perth, and will check in with you, our client, to ensure we are on the same page with our alignment of candidates, provide statistics on the number of responses and the number of personnel shortlisted.

Candidates are then invited to an initial face-to-face interview. The interview is a targeted selection process, which asks deliberate questions relating to required attributes to evaluate a candidate's competencies in order to hire the right person to join your staff.

Depending on the role being recruited, cluster screening could also be an effective tool to meet and screen candidates in a group environment prior to face-to-face interviews.

The group is further narrowed and those select few shortlisted, where there are three options and the order depends on the client's requirements:

  1. Proceed to second interview with the client
  2. Undertake reference checks then proceed to second interview
  3. Perform a psychometric assessment (optional)

In consultation with the client, a decision is made on the successful hire to join the team. A formal offer is made to the candidate with the right skill set and best cultural fit. A Quality and Affordable Service that is Perth based, will ensure your new staff member is the right person for the job.

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