How to improve company culture

Perth HR Consulting Services – What is the best way to improve your company's culture?

September 11, 2015 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

At Vitil Human Resource Consulting Services, Perth's boutique HR consulting specialist, we are asked that question all the time. How do I improve my workplace culture? What do I need to do to understand the culture in my workplace?

Workplace culture and Perth HR Consulting Services

Culture is the personality of your business, the character within your organisation. It is what makes your business unique, and combines the way individuals act, their values, their beliefs, behaviours and attitudes. It is the way things are done within a Company and depending on how that is, the culture can strengthen your business or undermine what you are trying to achieve. The culture can have a positive or negative impact on employees, customers, the team's productivity and ultimately your profitability.

The culture within your business can drive employee engagement which will impact an individual's drive and satisfaction, which can provide you with a competitive advantage by outperforming them financially, or it can have the opposite impact.

Who impacts the culture?

You do!! Culture within a company is driven by the business owner and their senior managers down. A good culture is built on trust, ownership and accountability, with senior management leading by example and their team of employees following their lead.

What affects workplace culture?

You do!! Your leadership traits, your demeanour, your management style, whether you trust and empower your team or micro-manage your people.

The policies and procedures you have in place, whether they are followed and if so, are your team treated fairly, will also impact culture and trust.

Other factors that affect Perth HR Consulting Services and workplace culture includes the company's vision and values (or lack thereof), if the business values align with the teams, the general work environment, and not only your style of communication but the level of communication a team or individual may receive. Is there clarity on goals and expectations, do individuals know what they need to achieve, do they feel a sense of fulfilment when they achieve their goals?

There are so many factors that impact a workplace culture, however the main one is YOU!

How do I assess my workplace culture?

Company culture can be assessed as part of an Employee Engagement Survey for more measurable results, which Perth based Vitil Human Resource Consulting Services, undertakes regularly. From the results of an engagement survey we can assess the business environment and develop an action plan to further enhance your workplace.

Vitil Outsourced HR Perth Services

Experts in people management and cultural development, Vitil offers flexible, reliable and affordable outsourced human resource support to fellow Perth based businesses, to help you and your human resources engage in their environment.

Vitil's business services is built on flexibility with performance our key focus. We work with your staff of people in your business to help you manage your workplace and its culture. By outsourcing HR to an expert our experienced professional consultants can objectively assess your environment, your human capital, your culture and assist you in developing your team culture.

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