What to look for in an employment application

Perth Recruitment Services And What To Look For In An Employment Application

March 28, 2016 | By Caroline Robertson, Vitil

With unemployment on the increase in Australia and job vacancies at an all-time low, it is important to know during your recruitment process, what you are looking for in an application and how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Due to the lower number of jobs and employment vacancies available in Perth, Australia there are a higher number of candidates applying for one position, which means there are more people to choose from. However, it also means it can be harder to shortlist and therefore it is important to know what you are looking for in a recruitment application for available jobs.

What do you look for in an employment application?

Ask yourself what instructions were given to the candidate? For example, were they asked to provide a resume together with a cover letter? Has the candidate followed those instructions? Not providing what is requested infers a failure to follow instructions together with a lack of attention to detail.

The Cover Letter

What does the Cover Letter state? Is it short and to the point but provides adequate detail or it is too long winded whilst providing no information? Is it grammatically correct? Has the spelling been checked? Does it flow and generally make sense?

Recruitment Resume / CV

How is the resume presented and laid out? Does it look good? Is it easy to follow? Is it error free? How much effort has been put into the resume and does it provide all the information expected? An untidy resume that doesn't provide the required information could infer that no effort has been put into the recruitment application and that a candidate has not taken due care and attention.

Goals and Objectives

What is the candidate's goal or objective? Does it meet your goal or objective for the available jobs? For example, if you are advertising a part-time position but the candidate states they are looking for a fulltime position, yet you decide to employ them, they may not be fully invested and could decide to jump ship at the first opportunity of achieving their goal.

Skills and Experience

How does the candidate's skills and jobs experience compare to the recruitment selection criteria and the competencies required? For example, an experienced bookkeeper may be required to work within a small or medium size business, but they may have only worked in larger corporates in Australia. The culture, services and general environment may be very different; therefore, consideration needs to be given in these circumstances.

It is essential that applicants in Perth, Australia can meet your level of experience and have the proven skills to be able to work with different stakeholders.

In summary, it may be tempting to choose a candidate whose experience will benefit the company and may be over and above your recruitment requirements, however it is important to remember the role being recruited for and the objective of that role.

Although an over qualified candidate could carry out the role, working in your business may be very different and they could potentially become bored. Aligning a new team member with your culture and your recruitment selection criteria will have a positive impact on the business overall and ensure the right people are put in the right seats.

If you would like support in your recruitment services process, Vitil HR Perth can help. Our Human Resource Consultants partner with many SMEs to develop their strategic human resource plans and manage their recruitment needs to ensure a dynamic, energized environment.

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