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Why are HR Policies and Procedures Important for Perth small businesses?

May 26, 2016 | By Caroline Robertson, Vitil

Human Resources

Human Resources Policies and Procedures are Important as they provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness in Perth SMEs. They also ensure compliance with employment legislation and inform employees of their responsibilities and the Company's expectations. In addition, they also provide transparency in how recruitment processes will be managed, and should be easily accessible by all team leaders and employees alike.

Let's imagine a workplace in Perth without any HR policies and procedures that employs managers who have very little knowledge of what to do in terms of process or best practice, and have received no training. How would this look? Employees would potentially be a law unto themselves, driving company vehicles without a valid Driver's License; drinking whilst at work; putting the safety of themselves or others at risk; downloading inappropriate material on company equipment; sharing inappropriate material via social media sites; and the list goes on. These behaviours would not only impact the individual, but also the wider team and Company.

Attrition could increase, which has a knock on effect on recruitment hiring services costs as leavers need to be replaced; there are also costs associated with misappropriation of equipment and services, or terminations occurring without following due process causing unfair dismissal claims. These scenarios highlight why HR Policies and Procedures are Important.

We do not suggest that HR policies and procedures are a panacea to address all eventualities as there shall always be some situations that hasn't happened yet or even been thought of. Therefore, policies and procedures are both proactive and reactive. Proactive in addressing situations that may arise and reactive in addressing situations in order to ensure they don't happen again. How could they happen again? Not changing a policy or procedure and a lack of training of managers and educating employees, means any situation could happen again. HR Policies and Procedures are Important in the onboarding process, is the opportune time to educate new employees about their responsibilities and to understand the Company's expectations.

The majority of a Company's HR services, policies and procedures will be derived from employment legislation and best practice. All HR policies and procedures must comply with employment legislation however, where Companies can afford to do so, may offer benefits that are better than legislation.

Policies and procedures should be transparent and applicable to all employees regardless of status. A policy document should set out who the policy is applicable to, the purpose of the policy, any definitions of the terms used in the policy, and will then go on to discuss the policy in detail and the procedure to be followed. Also identifying the employee's and employer's responsibilities, is why HR Policies and Procedures are Important.

Vitil Human Resource Consultants are HR professionals who have experience of a vast array of different situations that have occurred over the years spanning different industries, and can therefore ensure that your Human Resource services, policies and procedures are in place and meet legislative requirements.

Vitil's Human Resource Solutions are a boutique HR consulting firm based across Perth, who offer flexible, reliable and affordable outsourced human resource support and recruitment services, where your team is the key focus. By outsourcing HR to an expert in Human Resource Services, our experienced professionals can objectively assess your environment, your human capital needs, and ensure you recruit to further develop your businesses performance.

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