Workplace harmony in Perth

Why does Behavioural Profiling improve workplace harmony in Perth businesses?

June 24, 2016 | By Kate Trevillian, Personal Analysis

For the past three decades, employers in Australia and around the globe have recruited new employees based predominantly on the content of a candidate's CV. In fact, most employment ads clearly state the academic and professional history of 'an ideal candidate'. This leads candidates to match by presenting CVs containing information on their academic and professional history.

Whilst this process can result in successful employment, it has also proven to be flawed. The main reason this process fails is because employers often have selected a candidate without the careful consideration of the more subjective traits such as people-skills and social skills. In the brief interview process, it can be challenging to truly identify these skill sets as candidates are presenting what they think are most desired at that moment. When these skills are absent, workplace harmony can suffer, there can be increased conflict, communication breakdowns and higher attrition rates - costing the business money.

Most leaders and team members will acknowledge that the majority of workplace anxiety is caused by ineffective interpersonal relationships in the work environment. Indeed the level of satisfaction experienced at work is often directly correlated to the quality of relationships in the workplace. So unless the employer is very astute during the final selection process, some candidates will be given positions when they are not the best behavioural fit for the job.

This is where Vitil's recruitment services and behavioural profiling comes in. Behavioural profiling allows the employer to see and understand how a candidate behaves innately, not just how they present during the interview process. An employer gains insight into an individual's strengths and motivators as well as areas of development and challenge. Leadership styles, communication preferences and even an analysis of two profiles against one another (work pair) can be derived from the profiling system. The employment profile report delves much deeper than is possible from reading a CV or conducting an interview. When the profiling system is used within an existing team it promises to highlight areas where friction may arise between your current employees and how to resolve the resultant tension. This knowledge can be used to increase productivity suddenly without making any change to the composition of the work team.

We are pleased to offer businesses this simple and cost effective profiling service that accurately defines the behavioural types of potential employment  candidates as well as those within your current workplace. When profiling is used during the recruiting process, one candidate can suddenly stand out as more suitable over others with a similar professional and academic background. This makes selection much easier. There is an added benefit to profiling prospective employees before the recruitment selection process. You will be able to anticipate and meet the needs of both your current work group and the new employee when integrating them into the group. So 'settling in time' is greatly reduced.

At Vitil Human Resource Services, we appreciate that our clients can be 'time poor', which brings us to the best part. Our profiling process takes clients 20 minutes to complete and results in a detailed guide to your prospective or existing team members. This fascinating insight will show you and your team how to get the very most out of each other while ensuring they remain engaged and happy in their workplace.

Vitil's Human Resource Recruitment Consultants are a Perth based boutique HR recruiting specialist consulting firm, who offer flexible, reliable and affordable outsourced human resource support and recruiting services. Your requirements and your business needs are our key focus. By outsourcing HR to an expert in Human Resource Services, our experienced professionals can objectively assess your environment, your human capital needs, and ensure you lead and manage your team to enhance your businesses performance.

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