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Why is jobs conflict healthy within the workplace

August 26, 2016 | By Jacqui Hymus, Vitil

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While conflict is often viewed as dysfunctional within Melbourne human resource teams, there are in fact many advantages of tension within the workplace.

What is jobs conflict?

Conflict is any disagreement or argument between two parties and can begin due to a number of factors, from task differences to relationship tensions. Although conflict can be very uncomfortable for many people, it is often necessary to bring about better outcomes in decision making for business owners in Melbourne, Australia.

Conditions necessary for healthy conflict in Melbourne

The work environment and team dynamics are paramount factors when examining conflicts. Firstly, an openness to change is very important, especially among the jobs management team. Change willingness is needed as this allows the conflict to become productive when negotiations are concluded and solutions reached. Without this willingness to change, the discussions and conflicts among the team become inconsequential.

Another vital condition for successful conflict is having mature, trusting team members that do not engage in bullying fellow members. One way this can be achieved is having guidelines for the conflict and negotiations, reducing the likeliness of an imbalance of power being created. This is very important when running a small industry or services where the owner is also the leader of the company – situations like these can make it difficult for staff to engage in productive conflicts. As a city based small business owner, it is imperative that Managers and Leaders keep an open mind to the ideas that their HR teams can bring to the table and approach conflict with a positive attitude, thus allowing for successful outcomes.

Healthy debate

One of the greatest outcomes of positive conflict is that it can lead to a constructive debate, ultimately leading to a decision which will benefit jobs and the organisation. Conflict can bring about a greater evaluation of options and can prevent groups or individuals making suboptimal jobs decisions. In order to achieve this, individuals must be put out of their comfort zones, something which can be difficult for many human resource teams. Given the right environment and support, it is possible for employees to feel empowered and have the confidence to state their opinions in the disagreement.

Ways to avoid unproductive conflict

Although there are many types of conflicts which can potentially benefit an organisation, there are also situations where the conflicts can become detrimental to a work environment. If a disagreement becomes about an individual, rather than the job or discussion point itself, then this can lead to bullying behaviour and will not assist in progressing the goals of the company. To prevent this, ensure that those involved in the conflict do not engage in personal attacks against fellow team members.

In order to engage in successful conflict, it is necessary to allow all individuals involved to speak their minds and respect those talking. Without this, one person can dominate the discussion which may not lead to the best outcome for the organisation. One way to reduce the possibility of this occurring is to acknowledge that everyone has valid points and to give everyone a voice and the opportunity to speak.

Embracing the outcome

A successful conflict does not necessarily mean that one party "wins" the debate, but more that an optimal decision based on the input from all people is achieved. Once conflicts come to a successful conclusion, it is important to rebuild relationships and put the decisions into action. Without completing these steps, the conflict may resurface.

Putting aside personal biases and looking at the outcome with an impartial, view can lead to greatness within an organisation.

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