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Perth Human Resources Services – Why should businesses have a Probation Period?

September 4, 2015 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

Firstly, what is a Probation Period?

A Probationary Period is a period of time (i.e 3 months) when an employee is first employed, which allows either the employer or the employee to terminate the employment for any reason. (Fair Work Ombudsmen).

In a probationary period, it is essential that Perth Business Owners and Team Leaders assess the performance of their newly appointed team members throughout the 3 month probationary period, ensuring their skills, experience and personality not only suits the role they are undertaking, but also suits the culture within the business. Within this period of time the employee must be given an induction of the business, their services, role and responsibilities, and what the businesses expectations are.

Consulting with new staff members, providing an overview of how their role fits within the organisation, introducing them to the wider team and generally welcoming them to the business, is essential during this settling in period. As a Business Owner or Team Leader in Perth, periodically checking in with them is also important, as well as consulting with their direct line manager to gauge how they are performing.

In Perth the three month probation is aimed at assessing new staff, therefore during this time consulting with new employees is vital. Feedback is given and received in an informal and formal manner. This allows the team member to give feedback on what is working, understanding what training they may still require and also how they feel they are performing. This is two way consulting communication, so line managers must also provide the same level of input to the team member. Documenting this feedback is also advisable.

For a new team member to successfully complete their probationary period, their performance needs to be meeting expectations, they should be achieving targets and their behaviour and values should be in line with the company requirements. Should they not be achieving in these areas and their performance is not be meeting the standards required, Vitil HR Consultants recommend having a more formal discussion and this being documented with expectations clearly communicated and any further training undertaken.

If a new team member continues to underperform, a timely decision needs to be made within the three month period. Should the decision be that the team member will not successfully complete their probation, this documentation may be essential in defending an adverse action claim if a team member feels they have been unfairly treated.

Multiple formal warnings are not necessary during this period and termination may be for any reason, but remember, the team member must be within the three month probationary period. However human resources services consultants at Vitil believe that formally consulting, discussing performance and ensuring documentary evidence is maintained during those discussions is essential. Business Owners and service providers must also make it clear if they do terminate during probation, why the individual is being terminated.

Should a Perth Business Owner or services provider find they are a position to defend themselves in an adverse action claim, it is good to know that although costs are generally not awarded to employees, defending claims of this nature can be costly.

Therefore it is wise to follow a training and assessment process during probation to avoid costly claims. Utilising Vitil Resources Consulting Services, Perth, we can also assist you to not only put a fair and reasonable process in place, but also to help manage resources so that they succeed.

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