Our Recruiting Services

In Melbourne, we understand the need for flexible, recruitment management in the SME sector. Our agile and dynamic Human Resources team can assist across all industries, for your recruitment needs.

We at Vitil Human Resources, hire for the long term and look for candidates who will ideally match your organization so that not just your immediate vacancy is filled, but an enduring staff member is engaged.

Recruiting & Selection

Our recruit management agencies can manage your staff recruitment, interviews and selection process from start to finish at a fraction of the cost. We do not charge exorbitant fees and can save you as much as 70% on your normal hiring costs to secure the right candidate. We work within your budget and our fees are based on our time

Our Human Resource Advisers (HRAs) are specialists in the recruiting field and we manage the process from start to finish. Firstly we have a meeting with the employer and line manager to ascertain the role of the vacant position, responsibilities and personal traits that will suit your environment. We will then draft an advert and use proactive strategies to find high quality candidates.

So whether you hire people occasionally for part time positions or more permanent positions, our advisers can assist you to select the right candidates for those positions.

Selecting the Right Job Candidate

At Vitil, our HRAs are trained to filter resumes to a selection criterion, and using a combination of phone screening and face to face interviews, we select the ideal applicants and present a shortlist of candidates who have the motivational and cultural fit for your company.

We ensure the final shortlisted candidates possess the attributes required to satisfy each component of the job description and KPI criteria.

Psychometric Assessment

To assist in the recruitment process in Melbourne, psychometric assessment tools are used to assess a candidate's profile and fit for a role, understanding their skills, abilities, personality traits and attitudes can further narrow the gap between role and services requirements, culture and a candidate's ideal fit.

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DiSC Profiling Melbourne - Personal Analysis

Qualification Verification and Reference Checking

An essential element in the recruit management process is verifying all short listed candidate's qualifications, as well as authenticating their employment history whether in Australia or overseas.

With our reference checking, our qualified HRAs contact applicable referees to ascertain jobs performance history and behavioral fit, as well as explore other relevant topics in relation to accomplishments and development needs.

A Flexible Job Recruit Management Solution for Melbourne Based Businesses

We have a flexible approach to managing employee recruiting, we manage our recruitment agency services to fit your business needs. We relate to clients of all sizes, within all industry sectors, and can save you thousands on your recruitment services costs, as we do not charge a set fee.

Each client selects the service they need and the hours they would like dedicated to it. We ensure you get the right talent, within your budget, so your work crew becomes effective, efficient and profitable.

There are many tools we use in the selection process including cluster screening, vacant position previews and psychometrics assessments to name a few. Our tools are aimed at ensuring you get the right candidate with the right skill set, experience and cultural fit to match you the employer.

If you'd like to find out more about our personalised approach and support to HR, or wish to discuss your career requirements, you can contact or visit our office in complete privacy and confidence