Recruiting Services

At Vitil we work with many SMEs, across all industries, to assist with their recruiting needs where our aim is to hire for the long term and not just for your immediate jobs vacancy. As a specialist boutique, recruiting service company, we work within your budget and do not charge exorbitant service fees. Our fee structure is based on our time and we could save a client as much as 70% on fees to secure the right applicants for the right positions in Australia.

Whether you need to hire people for labour occasionally or permanent, we can support your recruiting needs, and we communicate with you as your internal HR manager, to ensure cultural, behavioural and skills fit are met.


Our human resource managers (HRM) in Perth are trained specialists in the recruitment services field.

We manage the recruitment process from start to finish, firstly meeting with the employer and line manager to ascertain the expected service role, responsibilities and personal traits that will suit your environment. We will then draft an advert and use proactive strategies to source high quality candidates.

Candidate Selection

Utilising the selection criteria, our trained HRMs will filter the resumes of candidates that are received and then personally screen using a combination of phone screening techniques and face to face interviews.

Our HRMs in Perth, will assess the applicant's motivational and fit for yourorganisation, ensuring they possess the attributes required to satisfy each component of the job description.

References and Qualification Verification

An essential element in the recruitment services process, references are undertaken by our qualified HR specialists with referees contacted.

We not only verify applicants' employment but also explore other relevant policy issues in more depth regarding performance and behavioral fit. Verifying applicants' qualifications is also an essential part of this process (HR).

Psychometric Assessment

Extended DISC is an online assessment tool used to measure an individual's behavior built off of a model created by Willian Moulton Marston almost 100 years ago. Marston based his model off of the foundations of a theory of human behavior by Carl Gustav Jung in order to increase self-awareness and better understand other people.

The E-DISC model identifies four behavior styles an individual can identify with: D-Style (Dominance), I-Style (Influence), S-Style (Stable / Steadiness), and C-Style (Compliance / Correctness). The E-DISC model has the power to benefit individuals in their professional and personal life. E-DISC gives individuals the information they need to make cognizant decisions about how to modify their behavior while interacting with others- a skill that is sure to bring success to those who practice it.

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Flexible Recruitment Services For Businesses Of All Sizes

With our extensive experience in the HR sector in mining and other employment services, our aim and policy is to increase efficiencies, support and build teams with a culture of high performance.

Cluster screening, role previews and psychometrics assessments are tools we often utilise in the process to ensure skill set, experience and personality are matched with employers.

With our privacy policy and flexible policy approach to human resource management and ability to relate with clients of all sizes, we can save you thousands while recruiting the right talent, so your team becomes more efficient and profitable.

If you'd like to find out more about our personalised approach, privacy policy, mining, and support to human resources, or wish to discuss your career requirements, you can visit us in complete privacy and confidence.