HR Services Melbourne

At Vitil HR consulting services, we partner with your business management to create and support sustainable teams. We review your environment, policies and service procedures, structure and culture, and identify areas of opportunity, recommending practical and cost effective ways to further advance your HR footprint, to create dynamic, systemised, operational teams.

Advisors in Human Resources Management

When creating successful teams, it is vital to attract the right candidates with the right skill set and same core values to your business.

Structures and Best Practice Review

Evaluating current organisational policies and processes to identify opportunities for development and apply best practice.

Contracts and Legal Compliance

Creating employment agreements that are relevant, up to date and comply with legislation.

Position Profiles and KPIs

Defining roles and responsibilities, designing Key Performance Indicators in line with company goals, and communicating expectations and standards of services.

Human Resources Guide of Workplace Policies and Procedures

To create workflow efficiency requires consistent policy and procedures, that are aligned to support the culture and ethics of the company. At Vitil, this involves our HR reviewing existing policy, enhancing and developing new policies that create a HR guide. Implementing the HR guide and ensuring team compliance and support to requirements, will ensure consistency of standard.

Psychometric Assessment

To assist in the recruitment process in Melbourne, psychometric assessment tools are used to assess a candidate's profile and fit for a role, understanding their skills, abilities, personality traits and attitudes can further narrow the gap between role and services requirements, culture and a candidate's ideal fit.

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DiSC Profiling Melbourne - Personal Analysis

Cultural Assessments and 360° Reviews

A valuable feedback tool, organisational climate surveys and 360° performance reviews are a business barometer check that can provide valuable insight into a business's team and general health.

Retention Strategies

Retaining key people that are vital to your team, keeping them engaged and motivated, and appreciating workplace trends that impact turnover, will influence your employment retention strategies in Australia.

Performance Management and Remuneration

Regular HR performance reviews provide the opportunity to celebrate job successes, address shortfalls, reset job expectations and develop future-orientated job goals. Managing poor performance is aimed at highlighting a person's behaviour, reinforcing standards and leading them to perform services at their full potential. Both require fair and equitable remuneration in line with market conditions to promote high performance teams.

Empower Your Team

An empowered workforce is an informed workforce which is enabled to make decisions, create solutions and is trusted to perform. Therefore, sharing goals, placing greater emphasis on developing people, promoting openness and transparency will achieve greater results and quickly accomplish company goals.

Motivation Secrets

The secrets to motivating someone to change are: knowing what to say and how to say it; preparing for the discussion and facing the issue and – importantly – determining the solution and success measures together – HR Consultants Melbourne.