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Casual employee at coffee shop

Minimum Wage and Superannuation Increases: Are you ready?

As we approach the new financial year, Perth businesses must prepare for changes in wage rates that come into effect from 1 July. The Fair Work Commission has announced an increase in the minimum wage, which will impact employers across all sectors. Understanding these changes and the consequences of underpayments is crucial...

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Casual employee at coffee shop

Assessing Casual Employees' Eligibility for Casual Conversion

As we approach the end of the financial year, it's a good time for Perth businesses to review their employment arrangements, particularly regarding casual employees. One key aspect of this review is determining whether your casual employees are eligible for casual conversion...

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Man talking on the phone about recruitment

Is this the end of job advertising? If so, what is the future of recruitment?

It wasn't all that long ago that a well-worded advertisement, clearly showing company values, job requirements and benefits was all that was needed to attract a suitable candidate pool for the majority of positions in Perth...

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virtual office worker

The New World Order

No longer is the phrase 'human resources' fit for purpose in describing the critical strategic role played by People and Culture Professionals across industries and various businesses, big and small, in Perth and Australia...

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working from home

A hybrid workplace is here to stay, but how can we keep our culture alive?

We have been operating remotely for the last few years and most SMEs in Perth are trying to bring their workforce back to the office, however not everyone wants to come back...

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team christmas party

Taking the 'silly' out of the silly season

As another year draws to an end, the ramp up of social events to celebrate 'the year that was' can bring with them more than just festive cheer...

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domestic violence

Vitil Principal joins Stirling Business Association Executive Board

The Stirling Business Association has been around for many years and with its recent integration with the Stirling Business Centre, it has formed a new Executive Board of which I am proud to be a member...

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domestic violence

Paid Domestic & Family Violence Leave – what workplaces need to know

On July 28, 2022, the Albanese Government introduced legislation into Parliament to provide ten days of paid leave for victims of family violence. The new bill acknowledges that Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is also a Perth workplace issue impacting on employee’s productivity, mental health, wellbeing and safety that HR professionals and business owners need to be across...

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Engaged workers

How do you keep an engaged workforce?

Well let’s dispel the first myth. It’s not always about money! Small business owners in Perth are struggling to compete based on money, but nowadays money is not the only driver...

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Health and safety at work

Did you know that with the new WHS laws, safety rests with leaders?

In the wake of the McGowan Government’s new Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws, Perth business owners and leaders are now responsible for ensuring their workplace is both physically and psychologically safe...

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Employee Value Proposition

Combating the Great Resignation with Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition is an ecosystem of support, recognition, and values that an employer provides to employees to achieve their highest potential at work. An EVP is created by defining the essence of your organisation...

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Vibrant workplace

Combating the Great Resignation with Culture and Connection

For the last two years Perth has escaped the madness of Covid, however business owners have had to learn to be more flexible with their team and enable workers to do their jobs with more autonomy and in new ways, normalising working from home. However, with the low resources pool, Perth businesses have suffered with the resignation of team members... 

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Work from home video call

Is flexibility – the new workplace buzzword – really workable?

Never has the conversation around human resources and the flexible working methods been so animated and well attended. We now find ourselves living and working in a world of virtual reality where many Perth businesses operate remotely, boasting a diverse workforce across Australia and across the globe. 

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What you need in your Corporate COVID-kit

Is your business ready to ride the wave when the floodgates open?

Not a day goes by without a sense of growing anxiety and concern over what the coming months will bring when our WA borders are open to the world. Media focus has largely been on how the Perth healthcare system will manage the influx of likely Omicron cases...

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The Great Resignation stress at work Australia

Why are millions of employees quitting their jobs during the pandemic?

The Great Resignation is an ongoing trend of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs during the pandemic. Typically discussed in relation to the US workforce, it may not have reached Australian waters yet, but it is predicted that it will.

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Manage your workplace Christmas party

Tis the Season to be Jolly!

It is that time of year again when we start planning for the festive season and the parties begin. Here are just a few reminders on how to manage your Christmas event and ensure employee behaviours are managed well, to protect yourselves and your team, so that everyone can have a good time.

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Friendly boss laughing with employee

Boss vs Friend – and where to draw the line

When we work in organisations, big and small alike, it is not uncommon for Perth managers and business owners to wear more than one hat. In a bid to establish healthy workplace relationships and office 'culture', those in people leadership positions like to be visible with their human capital, in the engine room where the magic happens.

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Smart-proof workplace

How to smart-proof your workplace for future generations

Do you have human resource gold within your Perth business that you are not utilising? How can you leverage your human capital, not only the younger generation but also your baby boomer workforce?

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Business leadership

Why good leaders should practice what they preach

If I tell you I’m feeling happy, but my face tells a different story, what are you more inclined to believe? My hunched shoulders and trembling body; or the words “I am feeling happy today”? You will go with my actions. You will go with what you see...

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COVID-19 working from home

COVID-19: Working from home headspace

As more and more of us are now working from our Perth homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to be in the right headspace to be successful and to produce quality work...

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COVID-19 personal response

COVID-19: Managing how you personally respond

As Perth businesses and individuals navigate through the Covid-19 terrain and the impact from that, managing our mental health has become more important than ever. How we respond in a crisis can make the difference...

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Casual employment staff

Changes in the Employment Landscape

The next 12 – 24 months are likely to bring some significant changes in the employment law landscape. So how may it affect you and what can you do to prepare?

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COVID-19 employers and employees

COVID-19: What it means for Employers and Employees

Are you a small business in Perth struggling to make sense of everything that is happening with COVID-19? Are you wondering what you can do to manage your business and your Employees in this difficult and challenging time?

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COVID-19 business communication

COVID-19: Communication in times of uncertainty

There is no time like the present to discuss how important communication is at times of uncertainty. Communication is the key to not just surviving but thriving through a crisis. The situation we are currently in, demonstrates this to be true...

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COVID-19 business leadership

COVID-19: Great leaders sacrifice their own comfort...

We are in unprecedented times! The global pandemic is impacting Perth business owners and it is at times like these that leaders need to stand and lead from the front. There are many decisions to be made and we are all struggling to make quick, rational decisions...

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COVID-19 working from home

COVID-19: How do I implement working from home?

We are all in the same boat across the globe and we all need to plan to get through this unprecedented period of time with our team and our business still in tact. Working from home is one way to combat the Coronavirus and minimise the spread...

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COVID-19 business advice

COVID-19: Planning to survive and thrive in the new normal

In the wake of the global Coronavirus Pandemic, business leaders are struggling to cope with the speed of change and make decisions they have never been faced with before. Some of those crisis decisions are around the operational needs of their business and whether they can keep their staffing at the same level...

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Woman relaxing on a public holiday

Public Holidays and Employees

A Public Holiday forms part of the National Employment Standards (NES) and applies to all employees covered by the national workplace relations system. The NES provides an entitlement for employees to be absent from work on a day or part day that is a Public Holiday. Public Holidays and Employees can be confusing...

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Spring wildflowers

Spring Health Check – Are your People and Brand levels OK?

Just like the links in a chain, the health of your Perth business depends on the health of every individual, every concept, every policy and every brand value. The common thread for any business, large or small, is health: of its People and its Brand...

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