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Taking the 'silly' out of the silly season

November 18, 2022 | By Charissa Mitsikas-Beasley, Vitil People Solutions

As another year draws to an end, the ramp up of social events to celebrate 'the year that was' can bring with them more than just festive cheer.

Whether you are a Perth sole proprietor, a small business or a large corporation, the commitment to both client and team gatherings often forms part of your Employee Value Proposition in ensuring workplace Culture is seen, heard and felt by your team.

Rewarding your team and your colleagues with a Christmas party and attending various client events on behalf of your business, all form part of the social fabric of the workplace where our Values come to life.

Not only is adherence to your Core Values critical in ensuring consistent messaging both internally and externally in the market; but this goes one step further in demonstrating compliance with Workplace Legislation laws and the requirements to provide a safe workplace, free from bullying, sexual harassment and all forms of discrimination.

What this means at a grass roots level is quite simple.

Do unto others as you would be done by

It is the time of year when we must swiftly, and boldly, remind our teams that how they behave, in both a verbal and non-verbal sense, whilst at work-related functions; and those extending to client events, forms part and parcel of their employment agreement.

As such, they are bound not only by the Code of Conduct and rules of appropriate behaviour; but also by the law.

If we take this one step further, Perth business owners and managers also risk the layer of vicarious liability which often attracts unwanted attention in 'messy' Christmas party scenarios where adequate workplace behaviour training has not been offered as part of the employment package.

Unfortunately, pleas of ignorance are not heard in the Fair Work Commission when it comes to defending any claim relating to unfair treatment and, as such, we always recommend a solid footing based on Knowledge, Training and ongoing Education in this space.

An annual reminder of 'appropriate workplace behaviours' can be tailored to your specific business and delivered in a way that speaks directly to your Culture. This might look like a 'lunch and learn' session around a boardroom table; or it might be offered as an online e-learning package that your staff can undertake in their space time.

How the message is delivered is not of concern – ensuring it is delivered is paramount.

Our team of consultants at Vitil People Solutions is well-equipped with the methodology and resources to guide your business in the delivery of this compliance training on an annual basis. It is a small investment of time for a more far-reaching impact on your workforce; particularly as we enter the 'silly season'.

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