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The New World Order

January 12, 2023 | By Charissa Mitsikas-Beasley, Vitil People Solutions

No longer is the phrase 'human resources' fit for purpose in describing the critical strategic role played by People and Culture Professionals across industries and various businesses, big and small, in Perth and Australia.

No longer is the operational scope of a 'typical' HR manager role sufficient in addressing the core requirements of the people space. There is a growing need for this role to encompass more than metrics in the moving platform of modern-day business operations in Perth.

No longer can SMEs rely solely on HR information systems as a nuts-and-bolts approach to people and record management. The intangible elements of EQ, intuition and cultural 'fit' are fast taking the spotlight on the organisational development stage.

The historical (and somewhat 'traditional') look of human resources is now being surpassed by a holistic concept that paints quite a different picture for the modernist world. Some might suggest the global pandemic was the catalyst for change. Others will confidently assert that this broadening of the human capital role was inevitable in a world where internal business infrastructure is under-resourced.

If your business is built on the traditional foundations of senior leadership, middle management and a diverse corporate services structure encompassing administrative HR, finance, IT and business development; then you might question whether the big change applies to you.

If your organisation is small in nature and you are, in fact, the CEO (and with that, lead all business roles including the HR space); you might also believe yourself to be immune from any major shift.

However, the shift in the nature, scope and IMPACT of the people and culture space is one that will affect ALL businesses, and ALL individuals employed by, or working in association with, an employer.

The New World Order will require a complete RESET.

A new definition of human resources that reads as 'People, Culture & Capability' [PCC].

A new language to describe the remit of a People Manager – a discourse that isn’t fixated on 'process', 'procedure' and 'paperwork'. A language that is agile, innovative and speaks to the higher purpose of future-proofing business strategy, rather than continuing to oil the revolving door of recruitment.

A visual way of working that relies heavily on a virtual office that knows no bounds. An impulse-responsive workplace that allows fast turnaround times, delivery and impact where it is felt most – in the minds and on the desks of an organisation’s PEOPLE.

This reset can either be proactive – or reactive.

For those businesses wishing to get ahead of the game, an investment in your PCC space might look like a full-time resource, or an advisory consultant (on an as-needs basis). The best prescription is one that mandates the right skill for the right business – someone who can be strategic whilst still looking at the 'old school' HR infrastructure is one who will add the most value to the business.

Perth business-owners may see the PCC space as an 'overhead'. This is ill-informed. A seat at the executive table, as a trusted advisor, is fast-becoming the magical turnkey link between business success and employee engagement and retention. Home-grown talent within an organisation is often the measure of success. Why?

Because it brings the people – the employees and workers and wider team – into the spotlight.

Unless your business is reliant on robotics, at some point you will need to consider the global change impact on your people.

Without a PCC Advisor to introduce the new language and map out the trajectory of forward-planning, you might find yourself playing in the reactive HR space which, as is often the case, can lead your business into the red zone of risk, liability and potential legal action.

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