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How do you keep an engaged workforce?

June 13, 2022 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil People Solutions

Well let’s dispel the first myth. It’s not always about money!

Small business owners in Perth are struggling to compete based on money, but nowadays money is not the only driver. It is rarely the driver for people to leave their employer.

Vitil have found that we need to align a company’s why with their team members why. Why do they go to work? Why is what they do important? When we have alignment, everyone is on the same page and engaged in the strategic direction and both have a sense of belonging.

Remember workplaces can provide Perth employees with some things that money can’t buy, and many team members are looking for more … namely purpose, empowerment and belonging.

What are future team members looking for?

Human Resources research has identified the following insights:

  • Purpose: we all want to have a positive impact and have a meaningful role. Share the success stories of your business with your team and how what they do impacts them, others, lives.
  • Flexibility: this is an overused work in Covid, but do you really have flexibility? Your team want a sense of autonomy and need flexibility. It is not just about working from home but about how we work.
  • Value: team members want to know they are valued and equal. That each person has a valuable position in the organisation and none are discounted as less valued.
  • Development: learning and development is about continued growth not necessarily promotion. Its is giving people the time and space to learn something new, different. Choice in that learning and appreciation that everyone is different.
  • Empowerment and autonomy: being able to have a sense of ownership of the role, the output the process, to be able to deliver on expectations.
  • Belonging: having a greater goal, purpose and genuine relationship with the manager or leader, means people won’t want to leave, they will feel like they ‘belong’ and have found their place.

Workplaces can provide employees with things that money can’t buy and Perth small businesses are best placed to deliver on these things. Your team are looking for the higher purpose, empowerment, belonging and value.

People leave leaders, they leave toxic environments, poor managers, unethical behaviour. It is now time, more than ever, for our leaders to show their team they are better. To create an environment that engages, values and trusts, that forms a genuine connection your team and individuals.

As people and culture specialists, we believe all business owners need to be intentional in their culture, focus on what people are really looking in their workplaces, make it simple and genuine, and create a positive environment.

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