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The Value of Engaging Human Resource Consultants in Perth

July 17, 2015 | By Vanessa Wilson, Vitil

Building a business is a journey and it unfolds right in front of you and on occasions, can take you by surprise, taking you off in directions you never even thought of and often meeting amazing people some of which you may employ. With many you'll remain good friends, but some you may find are better off remaining as just friends and wishing you'd kept a distance between the employer / employee relationship.

It takes plenty of courage and a big dose of confidence to start out in business and with growth being a key objective, the formula seems really simple. Employ more staff which leads to more capacity and ultimately, more clients.

One day you love going to work and the next day you hate it because all of a sudden the formula is not working. You have a lot of people working for you, but not all of them are doing right by you. And all of a sudden the love and the passion have vanished, this starts to lead to stress and this is where the real issues start to kick in.

Staff, money, health, morale, turnover, conflict = stress and frustration = a less profitable business.

This is when people typically reach out for our help on their journey and begin to realise the value of engaging a Human Resource Consultant and outsourcing your people management to maximise performance.

Perth based, we recognise and support local companies to help them push through this brick wall of growing pains that inevitably comes with having a successful business. We offer our services to assist with your human resource management and performance, to return you to a happy, re-engaged team. Our Perth services is aimed at helping you understand your team, their performance, what motivates your human capital and how to maximise your human potential.

Vitil HR Outsourced Services: Expert outsourced people management services, Vitil offers problem solving support to small to medium businesses in Perth, that efficiently and at a cost to suit your budget constraints. We're flexible, reliable and here to help you and your human resources to get back on track, to re-energise your team's performance.

Vitil's business services is built on flexibility with performance our key focus. We work with your team of people in your business to solve one-off HR problems or we can embed our HR Advisor into your team so that for a few hours a week, your HR is managed by an experienced professional. Outsourcing HR to an expert, means we can objectively assess your environment, your human capital, your desired culture and provide solutions to bring your teams performance back on track.

We can review your policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date with HR legislation or our services can include devising a HR manual with all the required policies included. We will also assess your employment contracts to ensure they are in line with the National Employment Standards and Modern Awards.

If you have issues with performance, workplace conflicts or need to downsize, outsourcing your HR to the experts, could be the answer. Our Perth HR Advisors can provide professional advice in all these areas to ensure you are fair and equitable in all your dealings with your people, which will help to avoid unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal claims, whilst improving performance.

Vitil's team of professional Human Resource Advisers can evaluate your HR situation and tailor a straightforward solution that works for you and that is within your budget, therefore providing value in outsourcing to a Human Resource Consultant whilst maximising your people's performance.

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