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2015 - 2016

High Performance Work Systems

How do you create High Performance Work Systems?

High Performance Work Systems are a set of management practices that attempt to create an environment within an organisation where the employee has greater involvement in decision making and responsibility...

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Managing sick leave issues

Managing Sick Leave Issues in the Workplace

An absence management survey undertaken by Direct Health Solutions in 2015 found that absenteeism levels fell by 7% to 8.6 days per annum compared to an average of 9.5 days in 2014. Whilst this shows an improvement in sickness absenteeism levels, it is still a high level...

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Employee engagement

Why do Melbourne based businesses want employee engagement?

Statistics show that highly engaged staff are substantially more productive, stay with their employer longer, which in turn reduces turnover and replacement costs, and are happier in the work environment...

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Difficult conversation

The challenge in having difficult conversations, is having them!

You have a recruitment problem in your workplace, it might be a personality clash between employees or a performance issue. No matter how small the issue it can consume time, energy and resources to address...

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Workplace conflict

Why is jobs conflict healthy within the workplace

While conflict is often viewed as dysfunctional within Melbourne human resource teams, there are in fact many advantages of tension within the workplace...

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Reasonable management direction

Reasonable management direction is not bullying if your managers are properly trained

A frustration of managers in addressing human resource job performance or behavioural issues, often arises from accusations of bullying when the performance of an individual team member is addressed...

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Employee induction programme training

You're hired – now what? The importance of effective employee inductions

Recruiting the best talent for your business is never easy, so it's vital that once you've made the right hire you ensure that your new employee settles in quickly, gets to know the team, their jobs, the company and their work environment, and gets up to speed with their role...

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Employee perk - allow pets at work

Employee Benefits that don't cost the earth...

High morale is very important in any workplace and when there is high morale, you have much more chance of retaining talented members of the team you spent so much time and money trying to recruit...

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Contractor or casual - avoid sham contracting

Contractor or Casual? Avoiding Sham Contracting

Sham, what does it mean exactly? According to the Oxford Dictionary; it is something that is not what it purports to be, a fraud or hoax. Sounds serious if we are talking about employment...

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Workplace harmony Perth

Why does Behavioural Profiling improve workplace harmony in Perth businesses?

For the past three decades, employers in Australia and around the globe have recruited new employees based predominantly on the content of a candidate's CV. In fact, most employment ads clearly state...

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Managing Mental Health Issues in the Melbourne's Workplace

Managing Mental Health Issues in the Melbourne's Workplace

Whilst an awareness of Managing Mental Health Issues in the Workplace is growing, there are still a lot of business employers across Melbourne, who do not know how to manage an employee who is suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or some other psychological issue...

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HR Policies and Procedures Perth

Why are HR Policies and Procedures Important for Perth small businesses?

Human Resources Policies and Procedures are Important as they provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness in Perth SMEs. They also ensure compliance with employment legislation and inform employees of their responsibilities...

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How to fire employees legally in Perth

How do Perth businesses fire employees legally and avoid going to Fair Work?

Firing employees in Perth, Australia properly can be a time-consuming process for Perth small businesses, due to the legal procedures that can be lengthy and confusing. It's no surprise that some Perth employers and business owners find themselves in hot water...

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The ideal job advert Melbourne

What's the ideal job advert to attract good quality Melbourne candidates?

In a job ad you are promoting your company, your values, your environment, and what makes your business a great place to work. You want to attract high calibre job candidates who will suit your culture...

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Managing conflict in Melbourne businesses

How Do You Manage HR Conflict In Melbourne Businesses Today?

Q. What can arise at any time, is a normal part of every day life and doesn't discriminate between the office or the home, gender or age? A. Conflict...

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Employee has resigned

My employee has resigned. Should I accept it quickly before they change their mind?

When employees resign, sometimes it's hard to know what to do next. We often get the question "should I accept the resignation quickly before they change their mind?"...

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Effective team communication

How Do Perth Businesses Ensure Effective Human Resources Team Communication?

Communication is normally one of the areas on any staff engagement survey that is highlighted as an area for improvement within Perth businesses…

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Recruitment agency Melbourne interview

How Do Melbourne Businesses Recruit In The Current Market?

Trying to find the right candidate in today's market can be challenging. With so many applicants looking for jobs in Melbourne, matching the required skills with the necessary experience and ensuring the right culture fit, can be difficult…

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How businesses connect with their teams

How Do Perth Businesses Connect With Their Teams?

I was recently asked by a seasoned business manager how to create a better connection with their services team. This month our Human Resource Services Consultants are sharing a few ideas and important ways to create connection…

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How do businesses build employee loyalty?

How Do Melbourne Businesses Build Employee Loyalty?

In Melbourne, small business owners often tell us that they have difficulty promoting employee loyalty. They want to reduce the huge turnover costs of replacing employees but aren't sure how to go about it...

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What to look for in an employment application

Perth Recruitment Services And What To Look For In An Employment Application

With unemployment on the increase in Australia and job vacancies at an all-time low, it is important to know during your recruitment process, what you are looking for in an application and how to sort the wheat from the chaff...

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How Human Resources Benefit Melbourne Businesses

How Does Human Resources Benefit Melbourne Businesses Today?

Once upon a time, there was a small Melbourne company, which had been running for 25 years on the grit, drive, experience and determination of the owners, who quite happily admit that they got by, but probably didn't do everything right in terms of people management and support services...

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management In Perth Businesses

In any strategic management plan, an organisation must consider its human resources, as their greatest asset is their people...

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Recruiting Fixed Term Employees

Recruiting Fixed Term Employees

With the recruitment of the permanent labour market in Western Australia changing and employers being less inclined to add additional labour costs to their business, we're seeing a spike in client requests when recruiting employees on fixed term contracts...

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Becoming an emplopyer of choice

Becoming an Employer of Choice

At Vitil Human Resources, we are always considering ways for our clients to become an Employer of Choice and attract high quality recruitment candidates. An Employer of Choice is an organisation recognised for treating its employees exceptionally well...

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A shoter working day - family at the beach

A shorter working day and what it can give Perth businesses

Many small businesses in Perth appreciate the importance of recruiting, attracting and retaining quality team members. But with so much competition for good staff, what does a small business have to offer? Well at Vitil we encourage our business owners to consider their working week.

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How to avoid Adverse Action claim

How to avoid an Adverse Action claim

Recently at Vitil Human Resource Consulting Services, Perth's boutique Human Resources consulting specialist, we have been talking about what is Adverse Action and how do Perth Business Owners avoid a claim being made against them by an employee?

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How to keep top staff

Human Resources and how to keep top staff

At Vitil Recrutement Services, Perth's boutique HR consulting specialist, we are asked for our advice on retaining key staff members. How do we keep our teams from resigning and what can we do to proactively retain them?

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What are soft skills

What are 'soft skills' and why do I need them at work?

At Vitil Human Resource Consulting Services, Perth's boutique HR consulting specialist, we are asked what soft skills are and do I really need them? How do I improve my or my teams, soft skills? How will it impact my career or my team?

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How to improve company culture

What is the best way to improve your company's culture?

At Vitil Human Resource Consulting Services, Perth's boutique HR consulting specialist, we are asked that question all the time. How do I improve my workplace culture? What do I need to do to understand the culture in my workplace?

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Employee probation period

Why should businesses have a Probation Period?

A probationary period is a period of time (ie. three months) when an employee is first employed, which allows either the employer or the employee to terminate the employment for any reason...

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Recruitment services Perth

How do I write an effective vacancy ad in Perth?

Writing an effective job ad in can be challenging. There are a few simple rules that should be followed to ensure your recruitment advert attracts the right candidate for your services in the Perth market...

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Casual workers advice

Casual workers: what you need to know as an employer

As a Perth business owner, you may think it easier and more economical to employ your resources on casual contracts. Casuals can provide a flexible workforce so that your human capital can flex and contract with market conditions...

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Affordable recruitment services

Quality and Affordable Recruitment Services Perth

How can I make recruitment easy? Recruitment is rarely easy. Trying to hire the right candidate with the right level of skills and experience can be difficult. In the current labour rich Perth market where there is a multitude of people looking for employment due to the drop off in jobs in the mining sector, searching for the right staff member in Perth can be near on impossible...

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Human Resource Consultants Perth

The Value of Engaging Human Resource Consultants in Perth

Building a business is a journey and it unfolds right in front of you and on occasions, can take you by surprise, taking you off in directions you never even thought of and often meeting amazing people some of which you may employ...

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Emotional intelligence

Leadership fuel. The power of emotional intelligence

To get to the next level of leadership effectiveness and competence in business we must blend the progress that we've made through harnessing our intellect with the competencies of emotional intelligence...

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Improve team engagement

Five ways to improve team engagement

Successful teams who consistently achieve superior results are filled with highly motivated, engaged team members who approach their job with energy, enthusiasm and creativity. But where do you find these people...

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